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How does Reflexology Work ?

Using the thumbs and fingers with light to firm pressure on the feet and/or hand reflexes, blood and nerve supply to the body parts can be improved; reducing pain and congestion by stimulating sluggish systems, calming over-active organs and easing tension and anxiety. Reflexology can also detoxify, re-energising body pathways thereby returning balance to the body: homeostasis. In this state the body can heal itself…

Benefits of Reflexology

By reducing stress and tension Reflexology may also be beneficial in the management of chronic disease and chronic pain. The symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis, Peripheral Neuropathy and Lymphoedema may also be reduced with regular Reflexology. The relaxation benefits will also improve sleep and concentration.

Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD)

A specialist Reflexology technique used to manage the symptoms of secondary Lymphoedema. RLD may be helpful to reduce swelling and to increase the sense of wellbeing. RLD may also be helpful supporting the Lymphatic and Immune Systems.

Nail Care

If you cannot reach your feet, if you cannot see your feet, if you don’t have the right tools to cut your tough toenails or if for any reason you just cannot manage the care of your nails, then this basic nail cutting service is designed for you. Carole will care for the nails skin of your feet and/or hands and will always advise you if you really do need to seek the attention of a Podiatrist.

Ear Candling

Candling, coning, thermo-auricular therapy or Ototherapy; placing a lit, hollow beeswax candle over the entrance to the ear canal creates gentle warmth which soothes and relaxes. Important body meridians and acupressure points along with lymphatic massage of the face are also treated during ear candling. Biosun® Ear Candles are made in Germany from organic herbs, linen, honey and pure beeswax. Anakie Natural Therapies uses only Biosun Ear Candles.

Contraindications preventing ear candling treatment:

Perforated eardrum.

Drain tubes or grommets in the ear                     

Any inflammatory conditions of the inner or outer ear.

Please speak with your therapist or GP before undertaking ear candling to make sure ear candling is appropriate for you.


Anakie Natural Therapies can measure and fit Grade 1 & 2 compression stockings. SIGVARIS® is our recommended and preferred brand.